Our Coaches

Federica Mele

Federica is the co-founder of the Hummingbird Coaching and Consulting company.

She is a charismatic and enthusiastic person, with a great sense of adaptability to life and with a strong passion about coaching people and enhancing their potential to "make it happen”.

She believes anything is possible and achievable by being authentic, uncovering new ways to embrace a nice living, willing to work for it with the right positive approach.

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Silvia Preda

Silvia is the co-founder of the Hummingbird Coaching and Consulting Company.

She coaches people to grow personally and professionally, discover their potential and become even more powerful leaders. She strongly believes that people can be inspired, focused and eager to achieve their biggest goals and master any skill for success, both at individual and corporate level.  

Silvia is a positive, dynamic and determined woman, focused on continuous personal growth, and passionate about diverse multicultural environments.

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Federica Mele Consulting FZE, Creative City- Fujairah, 7240/2015